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Ford Pickup Kit

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Mazda Pickup Kit - Hardtops are made from GFK laminated plastic and therefore are exceptionally rugged. This permits the transport of roof-loads of up to 45 kg without any additional reinforcements. The smooth, UV-resistant surface is optionally available with multicoat painting.

Taking into account your vehicles design we configure individual models with various roof heights, with particular emphasis being put on functionality with regard to use and assembly.

What ever you are looking for, be it an elegant or sportive look or a commercial-purpose hardtop, we always have an ideal solution for your requirements at hand.

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Full-glass tailgate
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Front window:
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Sliding rear window:
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Sliding side windows:
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Fixed side windows:
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option bimage

option bimage

carpet lining
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Roof rails:
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Commercial-purpose hardtops

 Ford Pickup Kit
   » Tailgate
   » Full-glass tailgate
   » Front window:
   » Sliding rear window:
   » Sliding side windows:
   » Fixed side windows:
   » Sunroof:
   » hardtops
   » carpet lining
   » Roof rails:
   » Commercial-purpose hardtops
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